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Blog & News Two

Blog & News Two

Positive Influence on Customer with Positive Policies

We actively communicate our culture and vision to our customer to share the same desire for responsible and sustainability-oriented business practices. We believe it is very important that our relations with customers are based on mutual trust.

We have put in place the positive policies that guide us in our interaction with our customers. We will continuously add and update our policies as we continue our journey to becoming a more sustainable company


Environment and Sustainable Report


At TECHNO, we recognize the need the environment. We are fully committed to tackling the challenges brought about by progressive change.

Our environmental policy is articulated around four main pillars:

  • MEP Design, according to the principles of sustainability
  • M & E installation services, in order to reduce our environmental impact with excellent innovation
  • Panel, Fire Cabinet, M & E materials and Network Cabinet Production, satisfied to customer needs
  • Champion, by raising awareness amongst our old and new customers

At TECHNO, sustainability is at the core of our strategy. We aim to create value for customers while pursuing business practices that meet the wider social, environmental and economic needs of our society. We hope to become a catalyst for positive change in Myanmar through our expansive corporate social responsibility programmes.

We perform in-depth environment and social impact assessments for our major projects to identify environmental and social threats or opportunities related to the sites and their surroundings.