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We believe that employees are momentous for our success.So we are looking for sharp,energetic,ethical and talented partners to be together with us.

We always offer our employees to develop their technical and professional skills by providing both learning opportunities and chances to solve the problem to get their experiences. Because we are looking for new generations of Leader. We supply good salary packages (included daily allowances),new year bonus, three years (Thank you) bonus, above four years allowances.

We have future-oriented business plan to lead our generations.


Our people are our most important resource. We recognize that employees are pivotal to our success. We believe that the development of human capital is key to sustainability. As TECHNO expands, we are constantly looking for bright, energetic and committed talent to join us.

Employee Benefits

We offer a comprehensive benefit package for our employees that includes leave entitlement, overtime allowance, travelling allowance, three year bonus, over four year THANK YOU monthly bonus and annual performance bonus.



Fair Employee Treatment

We treat our employees fairly and provide them with equal opportunities for training and development based on their strengths and needs to help them achieve their full potential. Our employees are rewarded fairly according to their ability, performance, contribution and experience. We abide by labor laws which promote fair employment practices. Employees will be guide by describing their rights and duties, and will be encouraged to follow the systematic policy to ensure that any grievances are promptly dealt with in a fair manner.

Generate Jobs and empower our people

We contribute to Myanmars development by creating jobs for Myanmar people. We employ more than 75 people, and plan to hire more as we expand.

Equal Opportunity Employer

We fully fight against coerced labor, child labor and discrimination of any form. The recruitment of our employees is based on merit, skills, experience, education and ability. A policy of non-discrimination prevails throughout all aspects of the employment relationship from recruitment to retirement or termination, selection, placement, transfer, promotion, training, working conditions, benefits and compensation.



Safety First

We maintain a safe working environment by providing all employees with the necessary equipment and training. All machines are regularly checked and maintained by qualified technician. All the employees have access to drinking water and are provided with uniform (when required) and correct personal protective equipment when appropriate. Senior management teams conduct regular safety checks.